Chases Buying Lots

    Contrary to tradition, the Chase family did not retain the old homestead. They sold it and about 50 acres on December 12, 1871 as a part of the deal to John E. Searles of New Haven.  However, on April 22, 1873, Rebecca Chase Beebe purchased lots 264, 266, 268, and 270 -- which constituted the land where the homestead was located; the Deed referred to a two story framed house “known as the Chase homestead.”  She also purchased, in a separate deed, lots 267, 269, 271, and 272 directly north of the homestead lots.  We have traced the homestead property and have found that Rebecca Beebe, who was now 62, sold the homestead and four lots to her sister Margaret L. C. Walters of Greenport on September 30, 1875. After selling the Wiggins farm to John Searles, she had moved to Greenport, but now returned to the Island to run a boarding house in the old homestead. The property stayed in the family until 1907 when it was sold to Alice Lacklaye of Manhattan. At that point, the old homestead was torn down.
    On April 22, 1873 Lydia Chase Boardman purchased lots 258, 260, and 262. On this land she built the Robin’s Nest and kept boarders for many years.  And, on March 2. 1874, the youngest daughter, Catherine Chase Mosier of Brooklyn, purchased lot 993. Rebecca Beebe purchased a ninth lot, 996, on July 15, 1874.
    Squire Chase’s widow Rebecca died on May 25, 1880 at the age of 92.