8. Chase Family Divides Land

    On July 15, 1868, the sisters, Ruth Ann Chase, Lydia Boardman, Rebecca Beebe, Elizabeth Wood, Emeline Skillman, Margaret Walters, and Catharine E. Mosier transferred the land known as The Homestead, about 70 acres, to their brother, Albert S. Chase, who was living in New York City, for $2,333.33. The land did not include the lots of the place called Prospect which had been sold by their father to others in the course of his life. Albert agreed to provide for their mother for the rest of her natural life.
    On the same day, Rebecca Cartwright Chase and all eight living children sold for $1,933.34 the land known as the King Farm to Margaret Lafayette Chase Walters.
    Also, on the same day, Rebecca Chase and her daughters deeded to Albert S. Chase for $1,356.45 the land known as the City lots, bounded East by the head of the Creek and land late of Moses D. Griffing, South by the City Road, West by the Bay and lands of the heirs of Richard Nicoll, Jr., and North by the king farm, about 63 acres.
    They also started to divest themselves of the lands south of the City Road.
    On the same day, July 15, 1868, Rebecca Cartwright Chase, widow, her daughters and son sold to John Burns of Shelter Island for $600 about 24 acres South of the City Road. Also, they sold to William McGill for $14.67 about a quarter acre and 14 rods “more or less,” “being 1 chain 63 links on the North, 1 chain 91 links on the West, and 70 links on the North.” (There were no dimensions on the South.)
    In addition, they transferred to their sister Rebecca Chase Beebe of Southold for $113.78 a four acre parcel South of the City. She immediately, on the same day, sold that parcel to John Burns of Shelter Island for $200.
    To Bernard Walthers, the family sold another tract of land, south of the City Road, a parcel consisting of about 8.5 acres and 78 rods for $185.40.
    And, finally, they sold for $154.37 to Thomas Beebe of Shelter Island, a three acre 14 rod lot, measuring four chains and 27 links along City Road and extending south on the East and West boundaries as staked with exception for rights of way to West Neck.
    On October 15, 1868, Rebecca Chase, widow, her daughters and her son sold to Rebecca Beebe for $356.66 an additional 15 acres south of the City Road which she sold to Albert G. Havens of New York City for $500 on August 17, 1869.
    On August 5, 1869, Albert S. Chase and his wife Nancy A. sold to Rebecca Beebe The Homestead and its 70 acres for $2,333.33. 
    The only deceased sister, Harriet Chase Barteau, who died on March 1, 1858, soon after her father, had two children, Francis and Henrietta, ages 20 and 17 in 1869, who had an interest in the lands of Frederick Chase. William M. Barteau was appointed their special guardian, and he sold their interest to Rebecca Beebe for $1,227.26 on August 15, 1869.
    On October 9, 1869, Rebecca Beebe and her mother Rebecca Chase deeded 30 acres to Nancy A. Chase, wife of Albert for $600. The land was north of the Homestead house and described as : “commencing at Dering’s Harbor at the intersection of a fence, running thence West a short distance North of the Homestead and running on the line of said fence West to a certain ditch running East and West from Dering’s Harbor to the Bay, thence Westerly by said ditch to the Bay, thence Northerly and Easterly by the waters of the Bay to Dering’s Harbor and thence Southerly by the waters of said harbor to the place of beginning.” The deed exempts the lots previously sold by Frederick Chase to others at Prospect and a right of way to the road to the City.
    On October 12, 1869, Nancy A. Chase and her husband Albert for $100 deeded three lots at Prospect to Lydia Chase Boardman. They were 1.) a piece bounded North by Adams, East by Fair, South by Jefferson, and West by Eagle; 2.) a piece bounded North by Adams, East by Carbon, South by Jefferson, and West by Eagle; and 3.) a piece bounded North by Jefferson, East by Eagle, South by Madison and West by Fair. (This transaction is confirmed in another deed of the same date, bearing lot numbers 17, 18, 19 and 20.)
    On January 20, 1870, Lydia Chase Boardman sold to Joseph Congdon of Shelter Island and William Wells and James M. Wells of Southold for $100 the tract of land that included Fresh Pond, which today is known as Weck’s Pond near Crescent Beach at the north end.
    On February 15, 1870 Lydia Chase Boardman sold for $80 the block at Prospect bounded North by Adams, East by Carbon, South by Jefferson, and West by Eagle to David Conklin.
    On February 14, 1871, Albert S. Chase and his wife Nancy A. conveyed to George Offer and his wife Elizabeth of Shelter Island, for $650 a parcel of 18 acres bounded North by the land of Margaret Chase Walters, East partly by the Creek and partly by lands of the heirs of Moses D. Griffing, South by the City Road, and West by the lands of Davis C. Osborn.
    Whatever the rationale of the Chase family’s exchanges of land, they were now ready to deal with the Reverend John E. Searles, agent for the Shelter Island Grove and Camp Meeting Association. Actually, there were two John E. Searles, the father lived in Brooklyn and the son in New Haven. They seem to have dealt with the Chase family and others owning land at Prospect as if they were a single person.

John E. Searles Starts Buying