January 1931: Basketball, Miniature Golf and a Mortgage

By Patricia and Edward Shillingburg  © 2006

Part of Page 43 of the Community Cookbook: Winter was especially rough on Shelter Island and, until 1922, there was no electricity. So, getting together was critical to maintaining sanity. And, you couldn’t get together without food. So, knowing how much was required for a gathering was an important measure. What is truly remarkable about this page is the recommended time for cooking vegetables. I guess we now understand why our mother in the 50s cooked vegetable until they had no color and no taste. – And, no nutritional value, we now know.

Unless otherwise noted, the source for this material is the Suffolk Times.
    The women of the Community Club soldiered on raising money for the Community House Fund and doing good deeds.
    They were always generous and in early January 1931, they sent $168 to the Red Cross Chapter in Riverhead as Shelter Island’s part in the drive for members and donations.
    They put on a play, Chintz Cottage, on January 19 at the Community House.
    “Mr. Landwahn, manager of the Holland Furnace Co, branch on Long Island, and Mr. Brewer, one of the salesmen, were in town last Tuesday to meet a Community Club Committee to demonstrate the best way to run the heater recently installed by their firm in the Community House.”
    A number of events were being planned by the Community Club: a Pinochle Party on Friday evening, January 30, and a Valentine Party, both at the Community Hall.
    “The American Legion Basketball Team defeated the Cutchogue Social Club Team at an exciting game held at the Community Hall, on Wednesday evening, Jan. 7 by a score of 19 to 21. The visiting team put up an unexpectedly strong defense, which kept the Shelter Island team busy. The next games scheduled to be played at Shelter Island at the Community Hall, are for Wednesday, Jan. 14, Friday, Jan. 23, and Wednesday, Jan. 28.” Basketball? The Community Hall was big enough!
    “A miniature golf tournament will be held at the Community Club Golf Course on Wednesday evening Jan. 21. There will be prizes for men and ladies.” Miniature Golf? In January? The only possible place was the Community House basement.
    At the annual business meeting on January 13, the following officers were elected: Mrs. Thomas T. Young president; Mrs. Moses B. Griffing, first vice president; Miss Belle Bowditch, second vice-president; Mrs. F. A. Myers, treasurer; Mrs. Burton Reed, assistant treasurer; Miss Lillian Loper, secretary, Miss Juliana Behringer, assistant secretary.
    Legion basketball with the Riverhead Colored Team was held at the Community Hall on Wednesday evening, January 14. A miniature Golf Tournament was held at the Community Club Golf Course on Wednesday evening, January 21.
    The Community Club held its annual meeting. “The following committees were appointed for the ensuing year: Entertainment, Miss Belle Bowditch; Mrs. William Dickerson, Mrs. Gardiner Dickerson, Mrs. William R. Capon and Miss Anna V. Behringer; Auditing Committee, Mrs. C. D. Burke and Miss Anna V. Behringer; Social Service Committee, Mrs. John Oliver and Miss Helen Capon; Work Committee, Mrs. Burton Reed, Mrs. F. A. Myers, Mrs. Strobel, Mrs. Emil Savard, and Mrs. C. D. Burke; Publicity Committee, Miss Juliana Behringer. The Community Club can well be proud of the things, which have been accomplished during the past year. The Community Hall, the dream and object of the club since its organization, was erected and formally opened to the public on July 11. Since that time the number of entertainments affording great pleasure, convenience and benefit to the people of Shelter Island have been held in the hall. These included a number of delightful dances, Shelter Island Legion basketball games and entertainments by various Shelter Island organizations. The building is by no means completed, but every member of the club is working to do his share in making this House a fitting proof of community pride, progressiveness and accomplishment. Through the medium of Shelter Island's local publications the Community Club wishes to publicly thank every member of the community who has in any way assisted them. The philanthropic activities of the Club were continued throughout the year in spite of the other numerous activities necessitated by the building program. The social service committee sent many messages of cheer and gifts of sunshine to the sick of the community. It is the desire of the Community Club to increase its membership, and in this regard wish to state that no personal obligation will be encountered in membership therein. All those who have been reticent in joining the club an explanation of the benefit of incorporation which removed personal responsibility, financial or otherwise, in any transaction of the club is made, in hope that they will consider joining the organization. The Community Club is planning a number of other entertainments for the winter months, and spring season, and it hopes that it will be as successful in its future ventures as it has been up to the present time. The Community Club miniature golf course, which has been recently completed, is open every evening except Sunday and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:30. To further create interest in this branch of the club, tournaments and other special events will be held during the winter. The first tournament was held on Wednesday, Jan. 21. The next entertainment sponsored by the Club will be a card party on Friday, January 30, and a Valentine Party and Dance is also planned.
    “The members of the Community Club, Inc., hope that they will have the continued support of the community in their activities, so that they may continue to carry on their project, which is a benefit and source of much enjoyment of the entire community.”
    Miniature golf was highly popular. “At the regular meeting of the Community Club held on Tuesday evening, Jan. 27, it was voted to have the Community Club Miniature Golf Course open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and on Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Saturday afternoon will be special day for children and children under twelve years of age will be charged only 15 cents. The Golf Tournament, which was held on Wednesday, Jan. 21, was won by Oliver Wells, Jr., a golf expert, who needs no introduction to the people of Shelter Island.”
    The Senior Christian Endeavor Society of the Presbyterian Church put on a play Mammy's L’il Wild Rose at the Community Hall for the benefit of the Church Painting Fund.
    “Mrs. C. D. Wood and daughter, Miss Margaret Wood, of Brooklyn and Shelter Island were on Shelter Island on Sunday and Monday as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mack. While here Miss Wood, on behalf of her father, C. D. Wood, who arranged the loan for the Community Club for their new building, secured the signatures of the guarantors, who include C. D. Wood, of Brooklyn, and Shelter Island; Thomas D. Green, of New York City and Shelter Island Heights; Everett Tuthill, C. Y. Clark, Louis Behringer and C. W. Reeve, of Shelter Island. Miss Wood is leaving next week for Arizona.” The loan was a mortgage (L813 p336) dated 1/29/1931 secured by C. D. Wood with the Title Guarantee & Trust Co., 176 Broadway, New York, for $6,000 payable $500 annually and interest at 6%.

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